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by Lia Blanchard

I am a firm believer that the best gift you can give your Dad – on Fathers’ Day or in life – is the best YOU that you have to give. You are, in part, a reflection of the man who helped raise you, and bringing him joy and pride is the best gift you have to give.

That said, it’s Fathers’ Day, and you want to do something special, right?

Spending time together is the key. Just you, your dad, and any siblings. You are there to honor his relationship with you as Dad. Need ideas for what to do during this unfettered fun?

What did you do with Dad when you were small?

  • Go for nostalgia. Do something you used to do as a kid. A game of catch or touch football, or visiting a favorite childhood hangout will bring you both a smile, whether or not you share memories aloud. How about the local video game parlor? (Yes, they still exist!)
  • Keep it manly. Go somewhere you’d never go with Mom along. The greasy barbeque restaurant, the latest action flick, or parks for RC cars or planes are man havens.
  • Sports. Take him to a local sporting event. Buy him a beverage, yell loudly, do the man thing.

Planning a video chat?

If the Dad in your life is many miles away but you plan to spend some time on a video chat with him, make it extra special with visuals.

  • Sign language. Make signs that say, “I love you” or “Miss you”.
  • Something old, something new. Hold up old photos, new photos, objects of special significance to you. Tell the story, even if he knows it well.
  • Is your camera portable? If you’re communicating via your cell phone or laptop, you can chat while taking a tour of special places. It’s the next best thing to being there together.

Tip: If you can take a still shot of a video while you’re chatting, do it while the special visual is visible. Capturing the moment and sending it in email later – or printing, framing, and mailing it later – is a great touch, especially for dads that serving in the military and enduring a long deployment.

Whatever you do, being together in the way that is special for both of you will speak volumes. Acknowledge the special relationships he has, and let him know he’s loved.