by Lia Blanchard

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~ Walt Disney

A Dream is a Wish

I’ve been thinking lately about dreams. Not the ones that we escape to at night, but the ones we escape to during the day. The ones that lie in back of our minds, quietly coloring every decision we make, one way or another.

Do you know what your dreams are? What lies in the back of your mind, filed somewhere under “I Wish…”?

I admire folks who follow their dreams. Even something as quiet and simple as planting a few vegetables in a container is the realization of the dream of being a gardener. It’s empowering, and all it takes is the fortitude to make it a priority, and an acceptance that there is always more than one way to make things happen. Veggies growing in containers is still a vegetable garden.

Anji Cozart founded Art of Appreciation on a dream of earning extra money for her family through her passion for gourmet food and beautiful things. Her dream, plus a whole lot of hard work, has grown the company into the successful venture that it is today.

I write this article as part of the pursuit of my own dream. I have always fancied myself a wordsmith, and it is a joy and a privilege to spend my days learning and writing about various topics.

Some dreams require more work than others. Some take years of hard work to come to fruition. Luckily, passion is an inexhaustible source of fuel, and will see you through the tough times.

As Cinderella said, “A dream is a wish your heart makes… If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.” Don’t give up on your dreams. Check out that file of “I Wish…” and see what you can start today, no matter how small.

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