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By Lia Blanchard

Thousands of families are getting ready to say goodbye to their young adult children and send them off to college. For some it’s the first time and for others it’s a familiar drill, but for all of them it’s an important experience. No matter how old the “child” is and no matter how many times you’ve done it before, sending a young adult off to live on their own is rite of passage.

A few weeks after school has begun and the dust has settled from the initial flurry of excitement that a new semester brings is often when a newly independent student realizes something is missing. That maybe the beer cooler wasn’t the most important thing to purchase, after all.

That’s when a gift from you can really bring a smile, while letting your student know that you will always be there for support.

1)      Linens: Towels and sheet sets are vital to any living situation, and have a high turnover rate.

Tip: Many college dormitories have beds with extra-long lengths, which require extra-long sheets. 

2)      Bath supplies: Whether it’s a kit of body wash and shaving supplies or a luxurious spa gift basket, these basics will be used – because hygiene isn’t always a high enough priority to warrant bumming a ride to the store.

Tip: A plastic basket or caddy is perfect for transporting personal shower items to shared bathrooms.

3)      Emergency kit: Bandages and ointments, an extra pair of glasses, and pain relief medication might sound boring, but they aren’t things that the typical student will think to purchase.

Tip: Include contact information for someone that lives far away from both the family AND the college. If either of your local services are down or overloaded, it may be easier to communicate long-distance via a third party.

4)      Entertainment: Give your student a brain break! Netflix selections can be viewed on a cell phone, with no other gadget needed!

Tip: An online gift card to Google Play or Apple’s App Store can be used for a myriad of apps, both practical and playful.

5)      Food: No list of “gifts for a college student” would be complete without “food” right? Gourmet gift baskets overflow with tasty items that don’t need refrigeration until opened.

Tip: They’re wonderful study snacks, and beautiful conversation starters!

Can you add to this list? What have you seen that would make a great gift for a college student?

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