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By Lia Blanchard

Everyone loves pumpkin! (Well, almost everyone. One Amplicate.com poll has over 13% of their respondents weighing in at “I hate pumpkin.”) Yet it seems that every fall season that arrives brings with it more pumpkin products – food, décor, and health and beauty, to begin with. It seems like just yesterday that all that folks did with pumpkins was to carve them into a jack o’lantern, and then throw them away – fondly known as “punkin chunkin”. Moms that went so far as to roast the seeds were considered serious June Cleaver types. Nowadays, people are using every bit of the pumpkin to develop delectable delights, decorate their domicile, and dandle their dermis.


Pumpkins are enjoyed at every meal, at snacktime, and in many drinks.


Ceramic Pumpkin Gift Basket

Sure, you can set your jack o’lantern on the porch, but at least put a baby monitor in it and give out a few tricks with your treats! Other ideas for using pumpkins to pump up the festive volume:

Skin Care

With its high levels of Vitamins A and C and other antioxidants as well as alpha-hydroxy acids, pumpkins are a natural skin care ingredient, and the internet is brimming with products you can make at home to pamper yourself. Here are a few highlights:

These ideas are just the tip of the pumpkin stem! Keep carving, and you’ll find just as many ideas for pumpkin uses are there are pumpkin seeds.

What are your favorites?