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By Lia Blanchard

Last month we talked about giving gifts at a corporate event, such as a trade show or convention. This month, we’re taking a look at the art of giving gifts to your clients, customers, patrons.

Particularly in industries where referrals are your lifeblood, gifts of appreciation to your current clients are very important. The atmosphere of thanksgiving and merriment that surround the holidays is the perfect time to say “thank you for your business this year”. The trick is to say it with a touch that is personal enough to be meaningful but not so personal as to overstep the boundaries of a professional relationship.


  • Take notes. Wherever you keep contact information for your clients, make note of useful personal information that may translate into an especially appreciated gift. This may include hobbies, interests, or favorite foods.
  • Do your homework. If your clients are businesses, there may be strict rules regarding accepting gifts. Take the time to check with their human resources department and inquire about the company’s policies.
  • Include a handwritten card. Nothing conveys appreciation like taking the time to write a note directly to a gift recipient. If you purchase your gift online, many companies will gladly include a card with the gift.
  • Deliver your gift personally, if you can. This provides an added personal touch and can often save quite a bit of money by having multiple gifts shipped in bulk to you, rather than to individual recipients.


  • Don’t make a political or religious statement. Even if you know for a fact that your client observes certain religious practices, it is best to keep your well wishes very simple and straightforward.
  • Don’t overdo the branding. This is a gift, not a commercial. Of course you want the client to remember where the gift came from, so it’s okay to have your company’s logo or slogan incorporated tastefully.

The art of client gifts

No matter your industry and no matter the number of clients, the giving of gifts to your client roster is an enjoyable tradition and an important business practice.

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