I am under the weather today, so I thought I would share a great post about the music of the holidays from various cultures and traditions from around the world – enjoy!

Making Multicultural Music

All over the world people are celebrating this joyous season in so many different ways.  There are beautiful religious ceremonies, family and community activities, decorations, presents, great food.  And then, there’s music.  As a musician and a global traveler, I wanted to share some favorite melodies and music that create holiday magic in various cultures throughout the world.

One song heard in almost three dozen languages around the globe is Jingle Bells. You might be surprised to find out that this song was actually written for Thanksgiving. If you listen to the song carefully, you’ll notice that there isn’t a single reference to Christmas in it!  Instead, an American minister named James Lord Pierpont wrote the song in 1850 about sleigh rides in the snow and performed it at his church in November.  It was such a hit that everyone requested it for Christmas and the song grew in popularity…

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