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By Lia Blanchard

The tulip – such a powerful flower! The symbol of “perfect love” has an entire era of Turkish history named for it, as well as being responsible for the crash of the Dutch trade market in 1637, which resulted in a mild economic depression lasting several years.

Although we usually think of the tulip as a Scandinavian flower, it wasn’t until the 16th century that it arrived there from Turkey and other parts of west/central Asia. In fact, the name “tulip” evolved from the Persian word for “turban,” possibly because it was common at the time for Persians to wear tulips in their turbans… or because some feel that the shape of the flower resembles a turban.

Pink Tulips (provided by Wikimedia)

Still beloved today, tulips are cultivated around the world. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the entire month of April is set aside for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, when hundreds of thousands of people from around the world take a driving tour through millions of brilliant blooms.

Why it’s the perfect flower for Mother’s Day

The secret to the tulip is its simple grace. The soft velvety petals and curving lines appeal to us, and its variety of colors provide delight for every eye. Its arrival in the spring heralds Mother Nature’s return to color, in abundance and joy.

Simple grace, softness, variety, abundance, and joy – doesn’t that sound like a great description of Mom herself?

Tulip Cookie Bouquet Gift Basket from Art of Appreciation

Tulip Cookie Bouquet Gift Basket from Art of Appreciation