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By Lia Blanchard

Earlier this week I described a friend’s heart scare… next week’s articles will be about barbeques and other things Memorial Day, so for today, let’s talk about heart-healthy grilling!

Heart Healthy Grilling Techniques

The biggest way to stay heart healthy when barbecuing is to reduce fat wherever possible.

  • Use a rack or a grill pan with holes, so that any fat that melts off of the meat will drip away.
  • Choose “loin” or “round” cuts of meat of a “choice” or “select” grade. Then trim fat from the meat before grilling.
  • When barbecuing chicken, use skinless white meat.
  • Burgers? Turkey burgers hold together as well as beef – try adding diced onions and don’t forget your favorite spices for added flavor.
  • Fish are definitely a go in a heart-conscious lifestyle, and there’s no reason why it should change during grilling season. Salmon and trout are both high in omega-3 fatty acids and taste great barbecued.
  • Don’t forget veggies! Use a basket or make kabobs with sweet peppers,
  • Keep your condiments, breads, and side dishes low-sodium, whole grain, and low-fat.

5 Superb Sites for Savory Sizzle

There are so many resources on the internet for barbecue recipes that keep your heart happy, there’s no way that I could relay them all here, so I chose the five that I thought looked the best!